Beady Eye – Flick Of The Finger

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Woke up this morning, I was laid out flat on the dark side
With the moon and the room on the wrong side
I took a needle, sewn myself right back at the seams
I saw my universal gleam
I see the wonder of life and look for the wall
Just taking a walk in the sun
In time
In just a second like the ghost of a bad idea
I feel myself getting the fear
Have we decided if we like being part of the plan?
The sands are shifting and there’s nowhere to land
It’s on
It doesn’t matter if all the best tickets are sold
And all the old stories are told
I know
You’re gonna tell me that you hear every word I say
But the future gets written today
Yeah the future gets written today
Songwriters: Andy Bell / Gem Archer / Liam Gallagher
Songteksten voor Flick of the Finger © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC


Beady Eye performing Flick of the Finger, taken from the album BE.
Video Credit: Dave Sitek

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