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Noel Gallagher – Merry Christmas Everybody

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Noel Gallagher – God Help Us All

God help us all The heavens are to fall Stay by my side The sky rips open wide Don’t wait for me If I’m not here when you return If there’s a God You’d be crashing when you burn A still white light that shines upon the world Won’t lift the cold Singing out sha […]

Noel Gallagher – Wonderwall (Audio) – Noel Sings first line, The Crowd Sings the Rest

Today is gonna be the day That they’re gonna throw it back to you By now you should’ve somehow Realized what you gotta do I don’t believe that anybody Feels the way I do, about you now Backbeat, the word was on the street That the fire in your heart is out I’m sure you’ve […]

Noel Gallagher plays Live Forever for Gay Byrne on The Late Late Show in 1996 ✌️❤️

Maybe I don’t really wanna know How your garden grows ‘Cause I just wanna fly Lately did you ever feel the pain In the morning rain As it soaks you to the bone Maybe I just wanna fly Want to live I don’t wanna die Maybe I just wanna breathe Maybe I just don’t believe […]

Oasis – The Masterplan (Live & Acoustic for Fun Radio, France 1995) Rare

Take the time to make some sense Of what you want to say And cast your words away upon the waves Bring them back with Acquiesce On a ship of hope today And as they fall upon the shore Tell them not to fear no more Say it loud and sing it proud And they… […]

Noel Gallagher – To Be Someone (The Jam Cover) ?

To be someone must be a wonderful thing I could be a footballer or a rock singer Or a big film star yea I think that I would like I would like that To be rich and have a lot of fans To have a lot of girls to prove that I’m a man And […]

Noel Gallagher – One Way Road (Acoustic) ✌️❤️

I want to get high, but I never could take the pain ‘Cause it would blow away my soul like a hurricane Like a one man band clapping in the pouring rain If I know where I’m going, I don’t know from where I came Where we gonna be in summertime? And are we gonna […]

Noel Gallagher – Rock N Roll Star, Acoustic – 1999-12-07 – CBC Radio, Toronto

I live my life in the city There’s no easy way out The day’s moving just too fast for me I need some time in the sunshine I gotta slow it right down The day’s moving just too fast for me I live my life for the stars that shine People say it’s just a […]

Liam Gallagher – Little James / Oasis Acoustic Collection

Little James, we’re all the same They always seem to look to us But we weren’t meant to be grown ups Thank you for your smile You make it all worthwhile to us You live for your toys, even though they make noise Have you ever played with plastercine Or even tried a trampoline Thank […]