OUT OF THE BLUE STUDIOS, MANCHESTER, AUTUMN 1991 A cassette of the three tracks recorded at Out of the Blue studios, Manchester This was the very first studio recording done by Oasis, with three Liam/Bonehead written songs being recorded. Noel, in the band’s first press article in the 22nd October 1991 edition of ‘Uptown’ magazine, […]

Oasis- Little by Little (Heathen Chemistry Demo)

We the people fight for our existence We don’t claim to be perfect but we’re free We dream our dreams alone with no resistance Fading like the stars we wish to be You know I didn’t mean what I just said But my God woke up on the wrong side of his bed And it […]

Oasis Stay Young / Mustique Demo Be Here Now 2016

One way out is all you’re ever going to get From those who’ll hand it out don’t never let it upset you ’cause they’ll put words into your mouths They’re making you feel so ashamed Making you taking the blame Making you cold in the night Making you question your heart and your soul And […]

Oasis – Where Did It All Go Wrong? (Demo Version)

Originally uploaded on YouTube by OasisILove   You know that feeling you get You feel you´re older than time You ain´t exactly sure If you´ve been away a while Do you keep the receipts For the friends that you buy And ain´t it bittersweet You were only just getting by But I hope you know That […]

Oasis – The Untold Story 1996 [Full Album] (Audio)

01. Colour My Life (Unreleased Demo 1992) 02. Take Me (Unreleased Demo 1992) 03. See The Sun (Unreleased Demo 1992) 04. Must Be The Music (Unreleased Demo 1992) 05. Better Let You Know (Unreleased Demo 1992) 06. Snakebite (Unreleased Demo 1992) 07. Columbia (Excerpt) (Live 1992) 08. Take Me (Live 1992) 09. Must Be The […]

Oasis – The Early Years (The Lost Tapes) [Full Album]

Tracklist 1. See The Sun 2. Must Be The Music 3. Better Let You Know 4. Snakebite 5. Rock ‘N’ Roll Star 6. Strange Thing 7. Bring It On Down 8. Fade Away 9. Columbia 10. Cloudburst 11. Take Me 12. Must Be The Music (Manchester) (Live) 13. Life In Vain 14. I Will Show […]

Oasis – Take Me (Demo 2)

This track was co-written by Liam and Bonehead. It was also demoed by Oasis before Noel joined in 1991. In a 2005 interview with Clint Boon (from the Inspiral Carpets) Noel Gallagher listened to an extract of this demo on a tape which had a label written in Noels own handwriting. In it, Boon says […]

Oasis – Strange Thing (1993) Boardwalk Basement Demo !

[Verse 1] Here lives a pocket full of life with no solution Take it for what it is, it’s only drunken lies You should open up your mind, look to the future You could be waiting for the ship that sails you home, I’m going home [Verse 2] What would you give me for the […]

Oasis – Stop Crying Your Heart Out (Demo Version)

Hold up Hold on Don’t be scared You’ll never change what’s been and gone May your smile (may your smile) Shine on (shine on) Don’t be scared (don’t be scared) Your destiny may keep you warm ‘Cause all of the stars Are fading away Just try not to worry You’ll see them some day Take […]