Noel Gallagher Live @ Pukkelpop Festival,Kiewit,Hasselt,Belgium 19/08/2016 (HD)

In this video

During Wonderwall at 47min. the audience is carrying someone in a wheelchair and Noel replies, you can walk, you can fcuking walk, i can heal you 😀


Everybody’s on the Run 0:00
Lock All the Doors 5:08
In the Heat of the Moment 8:49
Riverman 12:55
You Know We Can’t Go Back 18:51
Champagne Supernova 22:55
Ballad of the Mighty I 29:25
The Mexican 34:36
Half the World Away 38:45
Wonderwall 43:18
AKA… What a Life! 47:35
Don’t Look Back in Anger 53:00

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