Oasis Live River Plate Argentina 2009 Full Concert HD

In this video

Fuckin’ In The Bushes 00:00
Rock ‘n’ Roll Star 1:02
Lyla 6:25
The Shock of the Lightning 11:22
Cigarettes & Alcohol 16:50
The Meaning of Soul 20:41
To Be Where There’s Life (Extended outro) 22:59
Waiting for the Rapture 30:24
The Masterplan 34:48
Songbird 40:00
Slide Away (Alternative outro) 42:25
Morning Glory 49:09
Ain’t Got Nothin’ 54:00
The Importance of Being Idle 57:00
I’m Outta Time 1:01:15
Wonderwall 1:05:59
Supersonic (Extended intro and outro) 1:10:19
Don’t Look Back in Anger (Semi-acoustic) 1:17:18
Falling Down 1:22:47
Champagne Supernova 1:28:00
I Am the Walrus (The Beatles cover, extended) 1:35:25

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