Oasis – Shakermaker

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Official music video for Shakermaker
Directed by: Mark Szaszy
Release Date: 13 June 1994
Album Taken From: Definitely Maybe
I’d like to be somebody else and not know where I’ve been
I’d like to build myself a house out of plasticine
Shake along with me
I’ve been driving in my car with my friend Mr. Soft
Mr. Clean and Mr. Ben are living in my loft
Shake along with me!
I’m sorry but I just don’t know
I know I said I told you so
But when you’re happy and you’re feeling fine
Then you’ll know it’s the right time
It’s the right time
To shake along with me!
Mister Sifter sold me songs
When I was just sixteen
Now he stops at traffic lights
But only when they’re green
Songwriters: Noel Gallagher / Roger Greenaway / Billy Davis / Roger Cook / William Backer
Songteksten voor Shakermaker © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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