Oasis – Unreleased Boardwalk Basement / Real People Demos (1992/1993) [Full Album]

In this video

Oasis Live at The Boardwalk Basement, Manchester / The Real Peoples Studio, Liverpool UK

Set List

01 : Alive
02 : Fade Away
03 : Must Be The Music
04 : Comin’ On Strong (Setting Sun with Liam Vocals)
05 : Lock All The Doors
06 : Strange Thing
07 : Rock ‘n’ Roll Star
08 : Columbia
09 : Bring It On Down
10 : Cloudburst
11 : Columbia



This is in wide circulation in its complete form therefore has been edited out of this
recording. Thanks to the huge amount of live4ever members who donated money to make the purchase of this tape possible.

Comin’ On Strong is the first version of The Chemical Brothers and Noel Gallagher
collaboration Setting Sun only with Liam Gallagher on vocals and different lyrics / verses.

Lock All the Doors is a an early version of Be Here Now b-side My Sister Lover with different lyrics and chorus.

All thanks go to NoelsOasis and to the members who donated on Live4ever.us
in purchasing this extremely rare demo tape. Speed Correction by Schorman on Live4ever.

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