Oasis – Let’s All Make Believe

Original uploaded on youtube by OasisILove Is anyone here prepared to say Just what they mean or is it too late? For anyone here to try to do Just what is takes to get through to you So let’s all make believe That we’re still friends and we like each other Let’s all make believe In […]

Oasis – Flashbax

Awesome video made by a fan,  uploaded on Youtube by ectora   I spend my time sittin’ on the fence with a mate of mine I’m tryin to write the line of a story We belive that everything said is a waste of time Cos life is well tried and it bores me Yeah Yeah Yeah […]

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – A Simple Game of Genius (Full Song HQ)

Oh, Cecilia, close your eyes and I will be with ya I’m in the song that’s rising over ya, close your eyes and drift away Just the two of us broke up all the rules they made for us Play a simple game of genius if you live to fight another day Dream of all […]