Oasis – Strange Thing (1993) Boardwalk Basement Demo !

[Verse 1] Here lives a pocket full of life with no solution Take it for what it is, it’s only drunken lies You should open up your mind, look to the future You could be waiting for the ship that sails you home, I’m going home [Verse 2] What would you give me for the […]

Oasis – Comin’ On Strong (1993) / Very RARE Boardwalk Basement Demo !!

Your the devil in me that I brought in from the cold Your body’s still young and your mind is very old Your comin’ on strong and I like the way The visions we had are just fading away You’re part of the life that I never had You said that man it’s just too […]

Oasis – Unreleased Boardwalk Basement / Real People Demos (1992/1993) [Full Album]

Oasis Live at The Boardwalk Basement, Manchester / The Real Peoples Studio, Liverpool UK Set List 01 : Alive 02 : Fade Away 03 : Must Be The Music 04 : Comin’ On Strong (Setting Sun with Liam Vocals) 05 : Lock All The Doors 06 : Strange Thing 07 : Rock ‘n’ Roll Star […]

Oasis – Lock All The Doors (1993) / Boardwalk Basement Demo

She wore a star-shaped tambourine Prettiest girl I’d ever seen Was standing lost and lonely on the shore I tried to catch her every night Dancing on the road in her candlelight But I can’t seem to reach her anymore Lock all the doors! Maybe they’ll never find us I could be sure, like never […]