Dead in the Water, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds LIVE, Detroit 09/02/2018

Tnx to Matthew Cripsey for the Upload on YouTube   For the shore as the night is slipping through my hands I fall into the sea like the empire built on the sand I’ve been thinking ’bout the days when we had no money That photograph of you, well it still seems funny Gotta get back to […]

Dead In The Water (Live at RTÉ 2FM Studios, Dublin) (Official Lyric Video)

f you’re happy I do it more time… Ehh.. hang on. No-Noel, do you wanna give that a listen? And see if… Gonna do it once more. Have we got time? There’s time to do another one, yeah ? spirit in Hmm? This time ? spirit ? Yeah [Verse 1] On the shore and the […]